Capt.'s Fancy Carafe w/lid
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OUT OF STOCK-Sorry MateysThe Capt.'s finest Virginia Nuts served in his finest carafe with Lid!!!!!! This glass carafe looks great (when full of the Capt.'s nuts). The lid keeps the Capt.'s nuts fresh for almost ever. Even the Capt. shares his nuts out of this carafe and it looks great on his desk, from what we're told!!!!!!!

Please note the carafe with Lid comes empty. It is 9 inches tall, max 3 inches wide and weighs just over 1 lb. It holds 14 ounces of nuts.

There is a label of Capt. Salty's logo on the front and lid of the carafe---no temperatures or ingredients labels. Fill it with the type of Capt. Salty's nuts you like.

ARRRRH the Capt. is not aware of any matey ever tricking someone into tasting the Capt.'s Ghost Nuts or using them to catch a nut crook!!!!

The carafe will ship with your nuts order or can be shipped by itself.

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Capt.'s Fancy Carafe w/lid

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